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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 25, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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play come january. and that's it for tonight. thank you for joining us. don't forget to record the show if he cannot catch us live. have a great night and we will see right back here tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the presidential race taking a disturbing turn. president obama using profanity to directly install -- install governor mitt romney in a magazine interview. the article published days after the president martin patronizes republican opponent in the presidential debate. the president's public behavior, a departure from history as well as ability. the president's critics call his conduct not only disrespectful to his opponent but to the office he holds. we will take all of that up tonight, talking with two leading psychologists, doctors ludwig and guard derrick as we
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all try to better understand the pressures that the president is under and what he's thinking. also tonight, cbs and 60 minutes inexplicably buried the lead in its interview with president obama that it aireddlast month. cbs releasing a portion of the interview in which president obama talked about benghazi, and he made it clear that the internet video had not occurred to the administration in the first 24 hours as a reason for that attack. why did 60 minutes cut the president's statement? former un ambassador john bolton will be here, and we will discuss, among many other things, that very issue. the swing state blitz is on for both presidential candidates with just 12 days before election day. tonight we're joined by former senior adviser to president bush, karl rove, to give us his analysis of the way forward for governor romney and the likelihood that he will prevail. first, president obama using profanity to describe governor romney while responding to a
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reporter's question, a question the reporter said originated from his 6-year-old daughter. thankfully delivered in her absence. rolling stone executive editor eric bake's -- eric h. deliver a simple message from his daughter saying, you can do which to which the president responded, you know, kids have good instinct. elected the other guy and say, well that's the bs. the president use the full word. governor romney responded directly to the president of the campaign trail earlier in the day. >> the obama campaign does not have a plan. the obama campaign is slipping because is talking about smaller and smaller things, despite the fact that america has such huge challenges. lou: the governor seen more forceful telling fox news, president obama is rattled and on the defensive. he is running on empty and has nothing left but a tax and
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insults. meanwhile, the president today chose to ignore governor romney's slim lead in the national polls and give nbc and outright false statement about where the race stands, just under two weeks to election day. >> well, actually, i think that, you know, we always knew this would be a close race from the start. and what we have right now is a lead that we have maintained throughout this campaign. lou: the president is wrong. a new associated press poll has governor romney taking a two-point lead nationally, and that corrupt bring in confirming other national polls. today's gallup daily tracking poll of likely voters as the president is trailing by three points nationally. it is, by the way, a poll that got started releasing on october 7th and in which the president has never, not once, never led in. and the rasmussen daily tracking poll as governor romney maintaining his four-point lead in the 11 swing states that will likely decide the election.
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obama 16-point lead with women is gone. a new associated press poll shows governor romney tied to the president. 47 percent each among women voters. on the economy women actually now favor governor romney over president obama. 49-45 percent, that is a huge hit from just one month ago when obama led romney fifties -- 56- 45. joining us on these poll numbers, the final 12 days of the president's campaign and what appears to be a commitment on the president's part to be as nasty as required to prevail. former bush senior adviser karl rove. good to have you with us. nafta say, i'm astounded by the fact that there is no longer -- no mooe gender gap. can we take those polls as being accurate? >> look. they will continue to be a gender gap. men will be strong for romney
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and women will be strong for obama. the question is how big the gaps are. i think that paul was an outline of this. but let's step back. you touched on a very important point. right after recent polling, how the president thinks he has a lead is beyond me. in the last week as of 5:00 today in the last seven days there have been 35 national polls. president obama has been a 50%, better in one of 35 polls. governor romney has been at or above 50% in 11 of the 35, and if you average all these together, some with good methodology, some with lots of the methodology, is 48-3 for romney and 468 for president obama. the president is behind in virtually all of these polls, and that's not where you want to be going into the last 12 days of the race as the incumbent because the undecideds are likely to break for the challenger, and the people who are against you are more likely to be disposed to go to the polls and the people are all
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spun up in a close race like this. lou: women have shifted toward -- >> yes, they have. lou: independence have shifted strongly toward the governor. how profound is that? what will be the impact on the election? >> huge. in the last election president obama got a higher percentage of the democratic vote and john mccain did. that is to say obama took more republicans to vote for him. he get a higher percentage among democrats and a higher percentage among republicans than democrats traditionally do. this time around we know that ron is going to get as high a percentage among republicans as obama gets among democrats and polls since september, early september have shown president obama losing independence together romney after winning them by eight points in 20008. if you look at the individual states, the individual battleground states, put the sum of website today.
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polling news and notes on my website, if you look at the battleground states, the president yesterday roughly seven points below where he was in the battle ground states on average four years ago which means he has big defections in the independence and they're driving is no doubt. they are responsible for the lead that governor romney has in the presidential race. lou: all of the state's fascinate me, the battleground states, but in particular to. one, ohio, which has -- there is a message for president obama, giving the schools, the universities, the colleges in ohio, the union and the organization in the democratic party in that state. the president does -- is tied in the most recent poll. can governor romney reasonably expect to prevail in ohio? >> yes, he can. when you are the incumbent president your number is your number. if you're stuck 4748 the undecideds are going to break
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against you, keeping you that number, and the adherence of the other guy, your detractors are more likely to turn out. my suspicion is if we find ourselves ten days from now going into the final weekend with governor romney at 48, 49, president obama at 48, 49, governor brown is going to come out with a narrow victory because president obama is not going to boost that number. he needs to be at or above 50% in these polls in order to be comfortable going into election day. final poll in gallup in 2004, 53 percent. george of the best of 51. lou: let's turn to the bs comment by the president and the increased outright nastiness. is governor romney handling this in the correct way? what are your thoughts? it is really unprecedented. >> it really is. not just the president, people
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yesterday. senior white house advisor called governor romney a liar three times. you remember the final debate, the president went out of his way to claim that governor romney was not telling the truth about the president's position on the status of forces agreement claiming the president said i did not want to leave troops behind. you have a status of forces agreement, it's about the force is really behind. and at the close of the debate he was very emphatic three times that governor romney was not telling the truth about the of the bailout and how he wanted federal guarantees at the end of a prepackaged bankruptcy. so they're going to try and suggest that governor romney is completely untrustworthy, the comment about him being -- it is really not worthy of the office that the president holds, and i don't ttink it's going to do anything to make him more attractive to the voters who are we may look back in two weeks and say, the debates gave romney a good boost, a real big boost in the polls, and then a little
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bit afterburner was turned on the president does a lively and nasty and so childish. this is the kind of thing you say a schoolyard. lou: karl rove, thank you. more on the election and romney's surge, the swing state battles, the intensity of those battles with the "a-team" coming up. twelve days to election day, and pitching his agenda hard. looking for, well, his plan. >> where is my plan? [laughter] i just found it. here it is. lou: he can make a lot of jokes. we'll show you how the electoral college shapes up bentonites chalk talk. new criticism of the obama administration handling of the september 11th attacks in benghazi, this time from a white house insider. joining us, former u.n. ambassador john bolton and the author of the book spring fever, the illusion of islamic democracy, author andrew mccarthy next.
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♪ lou: in tonight's tech connect, anticipation about barings overshadowed much of the technology sector today, even a major product announcement from its chief competitor. after the close apple reported revenues in line with targets that missed, i repeat, missed on earnings 867 versus expectations of 875, offering a conservative outlook. apple's shares fell below $600 in after-hours trading before recovering somewhat. here in new york city microsoft unveiled its latest operating system, windows eight. the stakes are not only for microsoft but for the entire pc industry. analysts are saying that a strong windows eight operating system to pick up pc sales in what is forecast to be a very difficult market. windows eight gets good reviews from critics. consumers getting a crack
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tomorrow. it goes on sale. microsoft stock down $0.2 today. on the broader market stocks closed modestly higher with the dow up 26 points, s&p, nasdaq comp four. advancing stocks 3-2 on the big board and a remarkable three and a half million shares traded, but we will take even that level of trading these days. amazon shares sharply lower in after-hours trading. amazon posting a loss of $0.22 per share, as expected, a loss, but the expectations have been as much as as high as $0.8, perhaps on smaller loss. interest rates today moving higher on the back of a weakened treasury auction commit $29 billion in notes. the yield on the chin year rising to almost 2%. in the energy market crew snapping a five day losing streak. the price a barrel of crude rising to $86.5. orders for goods up sharply last month.
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durable goods moving higher. the jump in durable goods orders, the biggest since january of in other economic news, first-time jobless claims dropping to 369,000, this time we think these numbers may be somewhat accurate. and pending home sales up only fractionally. turning from wall street and back to politics, geopolitics in particular, evidence continues to mount that president obama and his administration deceived americans about the attack on our consulate in benghazi in which four americans were killed. listen to this. from a september 12th interview with cbs-tv croft on 60 minutes, this is one day after that attack. >> you're right that this is not a situation that was exactly the same as what happened in egypt, and my suspicion is that there are folks involved in this who were looking to target americans
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from the start. lou: the sound was not included in that interview, which 60 minutes aired. cbs inexplicably releasing the video just last week. also inexplicable, the president has appeared on 60 minutes ten times since taking office while avoiding tough questions and giving interviews with organizations such as inside edition, the daily show, that you, david letterman, jay leno, and soon in tv. we will try to figure out why. joining us now, andrew mccarthy, a former federal prosecutor who convicted the blind shaken former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox is contributor john bolton. good to have you both here. first, your reaction and if i may turn to you first, the idea that 60 minutes released that video on the 19th of october, the interview on the 12th.
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talk about burying the lead. what is your reaction to this shocking development? >> not only burying the lead, but every day for five weeks after that. in the debate claim, you know, make extravagant claims about what they knew and how they knew %-benghazi incident occurred. we have susan rice, all those talk shows. we have day after day f a national debate over whether this was caused, whether the atrocity that happened in benghazi was the fault of some talk of a movie or a preplanned terrorist attack, but they would sit on it day after day after day knowing the steak sauce is just shocking. lou: there is so much about this. the questions have continued to rise, and there will be many. but today the defense secretary pronouncing that the basic
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principles you don't deploy forces into harm's way when responding to the question why in the world did you not do something of the course of seven hours? to rescue four americans who were obviously about to be killed. >> i think this is really the dominant issue. we have focused for several weeks on the explanation. how could it be the mom a video. that tape that the president shows, he did not believe that the day after. but the real question, the passivity, the inaction of the white house and the rest of the government while this was all unfolding. you cannot look backwards it this. imagine decision makers with the consulate in benghazi in their attack, the diplomatic posts around the region possibly having that happen to them as well. yet the moves that we made were very, very small compared to the risk we face. what were they thinking? what were they thinking? how could they have left americans in danger? far better to have overreacted, scramble more assets to get ready and then turn out not to
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need them. lou: i understand that is it tough choice for commanders to make. the president says to go, to save and rescue those for men who were killed. i understand that there is a difficult choice to be made, but that is why the military is there. that is -- and if we are not to protect the u.s. ambassador with every resource available to us, two former seals, foreign service officer, what in god's name would take? >> and on september 11th, the day that there should have been a heightened awareness of the possibility of a threat to begin with. in a place where, say, forget about whether you could protect it or whether it was protected adequately, but why we had a diplomatic mission there in the first place, and a place where we can't protect is just beyond the pale. lou: we learned that the senate select intelligence committee will hold hearings on the 15th
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of november, ambassador. is your -- faugh are u.s. forest in any of this? >> and i also rejects the criticism that talking about what went wrong in benghazi is somehow politicizing the event and that we should wait sense of state department administrative review board that will take three months to come up with conclusions. if there are americans at risk right now, diplomats and others in our embassies in the region. private american citizens to. people there on business, tourists, as in families. this is not something that you can review as if it were some academic exercise. the threat exists right now enacting the american people are entitled to know what happened, what went wrong, and we are doing to fix it. lou: the secretary of state, president of the united states, entire national security team have behaved utterly incomprehensible in this.
7:22 pm
you cannot be that they are so foolish, so stupid to believe that they can cover up their actions, their in decision, the countervailing statements, the lines that have been told to the american people, and their failure to support for americans who were on the threshold of death in benghazi for hours before they were killed. >> i don't think it is incomprehensible. i think that they don't have to ultimately cover up. they needed to cover up for about 63 weeks until election day. and i think that is -- they had every reason to think the press would protect them, and we have had pretty good indication that they will -- their calculations were right, at least with respect to 60 minutes. lou: you get the last word. >> it was either a cover-up or ideology. after all, the war on terrorism over. the arabs bring has brought democracy to libya. what to you mean there issa terrorist attack? i think reality does not get through to the president often enough, and i think tragically this was the case.
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lou: i want to mention as we conclude and thank you for being with us, andrew mccarthy, this book which is a fascinating book, sharia versus freedom by andrew, we encourage you to read it. mr. mccarthy, good enough to offer a forward. i think i can say don't. thank you both. >> thank you. lou: up next in the president obama's sounding very confident despite slumping poll numbers. is he in denial? why is he using profanity? why is the insulting and patronizing his rival? our doctors psychoanalyze the candidates. our favorite shrinks straight ahead. ♪
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lou: the presidential race tonight is taking me away from my usual blackboard tonight. i am turning to something just a little more high-tech. i have to tell you that i'm having a little separation anxiety. i gave my blackboard up for tonight so there would be no hard feelings. here we go with the fancy stuff. the national polls that showed a close race throughout the season. generally within the margin of error. we want to ring you up-to-date on where the candidates stand 12 days before election day. we are going to bring to you whatever developments each evening that occur on the electoral map and whatever shifts there may be in voter sentiment. remember, there are 538 total electoral votes. as we all know, it has been drummed into our heads. the winner needs 270 of those
7:28 pm
votes. according to real clear politics, romney can count on 206 electoral votes. the president can count on 201. the fact of the matter is, given the matter of the swing state of north carolina, that gives him more than a five-point lead in the polling average bear. let's take a look at the romney strategy. with us now 206 and 201 balance between the two candidates in electoral votes. the romney strategy as known cleverly as 321. the three means that he needs to take back three traditionally republican states that voted for president obama in 2008. the states are north carolina, which he has a significant lead in, virginia, and indiana.
7:29 pm
so let's give mitt romney has 13 electoral votes and virginia. we have already given him indiana. it is already likely for mitt romney. incidentally, if all content box full shows governor romney up two points in virginia. to show how this race is moving, that is a sharp reversal from what had been its seven-point deficit last month. next come the governor needs to win the two traditional battleground states of ohio and florida. we are going to give him lorna and ohio. that gives him up to 266 electoral votes. he just needs one other 60 to 70. that could be nevada or colorado or iowa, new hampshire, michigan, or wisconsin.
7:30 pm
let's assume the governor romney wins the three southern battlegrounds where the governor is up in the polls. let's give the president typically democratic strongholds in pennsylvania and michigan. we will give the president, that brings them up, where are we here? 266, 270, and i think pennsylvania and michigan as well. the president will get new hampshire as well. another four electoral votes. it is a small lead in the latest rasmussen and arg polls are giving governor romney a two-point lead there. but we are giving it to president obama for a very good historical reason. a republican has not won there
7:31 pm
since 2000. we will turn wisconsin blue as well, because wisconsin, despite status evils, the state of son wisconsin, well, they have voted democrat every year since 1984. according to real clear politics, the president is up in wisconsin right now by three points in the latest polling. as you can see, that gives the president 251 votes to governor romney's 266. so the president needs to win the state of ohio. giving him ohio, well, it is complicated. no republican has ever been elected president without taking ohio. with that, the president jumps to 69 compared to romney's 248. meaning that he just needs -- the president, one more state to push them over the top. that would be nevada, colorado, or iowa. mitt romney has a fractional
7:32 pm
lead in colorado right now. but the president is up two points in iowa. he is up three points in nevada. that is why the president has been in cleveland today. so far, the real clear politics average has risen up two points in ohio. don't let that fool you. the president had a similar advantage in virginia 2.5 weeks ago, which i sense amash it has since vanished. >> rummy has a conference lead in the polls. president obama striking with words we cannot but we won't sa.
7:33 pm
the "a-team" is here to give us a heads up on the new strategy. their big specific is raise taxes. the president appears to be coming undone. first he denies that he is trailing in the polls. and he resorts to name-calling. tonight, we psychoanalyze the candidates with jeffrey gardener and robbie ludwig it's a new day.
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7:37 pm
thank you both for being here. let me start with the profanity. using the "bs-er" language. that is unprecedented. it is like negative campaigning. >> it works a little. when you negatively characterize the candidate, people make judgments on who they may vote for on a variety of factors. in some cases come in it works. lou: that is about the efficacy. behaving badly, particularly in president of the united states, one assumes that president would rise to a higher standard and
7:38 pm
entire set of expectations. >> is looking to be effective. it resonates. he is not going to win by a landslide if he wins it all. he has to make se of every moment that he has. i think that you have to look at the biology of it. which is behind a lot of the psychology. here's the situation of a person approaching the finish line now. he has already pumped up. the adrenaline is growing now. really, the impulse control has been diminished, and you say something, you use that word, which i don't even think he would be proud of himself using that word now that he looks back upon her, that is not really his style, but after going out with governor romney in the last presidential debate, he is still pumped up and still moving forward.
7:39 pm
lou: it is elevating his rhetoric and demeanor. his impulse controls or whatever you would call it -- is there any such language? >> does it really matter? >> rummy wants to seem presidential.
7:40 pm
lou: talk about unprecedented. talk about a shift. this is supposed to be the celebrity in chief. after the debate, people and women feel that they have a better sense of the direction they want to go in. he is really viewed as someone who can help our economy. he is someone who is very business savvy. >> when you talk about the economy, yes, women were flocking towards president obama because of his more progressive views for women. now, it comes down to what the real issue is. it is about economy and jobs.
7:41 pm
maybe he is not as progressive as he wants to be. but it is about our pockets. lou: thank you both. doctor robbie leslie and doctor jeffery gardere. thank you so much. >> we trust you as well, lou. lou: thank you very much. wall street journal senior economic official joins us to talk about his new book. john bolton. that's right. he did so good he's going to be back tomorrow. stay with us, we will have an update for you on a monstrous one that appears to be building.
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lou: forecasters warning that hurricane sandy is over the bahamas but it is expected to bring tropical storm conditions to the southeastern coast of florida by tomorrow morning. and by early next week, it could mix with a winter storm, if you can imagine this, and a blast of arctic error creating -- and i always love it because the meteorologist jay a blast of arctic air coming down from the north. where else would it come from? creating a rare super storm that could wreak havoc from virginia to maine just before halloween. the worst of the storm is expected to hit new york city and new jersey. the experts are already predicting at least $1 billion in damages, and i have no idea how they come to that number.
7:46 pm
we will be watching the storm very closely here on the fox business network. move over gain of six. the gain of 80 is in town and is calling for deficit reduction. a group of ceos from 80 big companies. warning that uncertainty because of the deficit is stifling economic recovery. the only concrete solution, however, offered by this group, which includes ceos from bank of america, ge and boeing, is to raise taxes. the campaign to fix the debt was founded by burson bowls and alan simpson. you may have recalled that their plan was already rejected by both congress and the president. don't mess with texas. and don't mess with greg abbott either. that's right, election
7:47 pm
observersfrom official in texas -- they will be subject to criminal prosecution. it seems to be a significant born points. they have already pointed out the voter id laws are constitutional and he does not see any legitimacy from u.n. observers. don't mess with texas. there is a magic pr counsel. gallup poll is out with its new poll. showing 20% of americans approve of the job congress is doing. congress does not return from their second release week recess
7:48 pm
until mid-november. they may want to consider extending the vacation if they want to see the poll numbers rise. up next, polls show governor romney accessibly closing the gender gap. the "a-team" is up next. will this be enough for the swing states in the election? brad blakeman, judith miller, and monica crowley. coming up next
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7:51 pm
>> the one it is good to have you all here. we have monica crowley and brad drake and then blakeman and judith miller.
7:52 pm
>> he needs one. there is a new poll out today, 70% of that age group said they were definitely voting. this time around, only 58%. lou: this is the latest nbc wall street journal marist poll. the president leading in the state of nevada by 50% to 47% per governor romney. in the state of colorado, they
7:53 pm
are tied 48% to 48%. what is your expectation on the swing states? we just went through all of us. ohio looks more critical than ever, if that is possible. >> -- but now everything is going to come down to the ground game. we see that it is pretty evenly divided. we still see some undecideds. that is where barack obama should have the advantage. lou: it is a little esoteric, but i think republicans and democrats think that the ground game is set to go for this election. >> you bet. the rnc was putting her grounding together when romney was in the primaries. even with the though we were not
7:54 pm
focused on it on television, that same ground and has been enhanced by new technologies. lou: is this too far gone for the president to recover from? >> i think between now and the election, between now and then,
7:55 pm
it is not being covered to the extent that it could be covered between now and then. but i do think it is the capstone for undecided voters who say, boy, the obama economy really stinks. he has not delivered on his promises. we are concerned about this. lou: where's the press on this administration? >> the press is mystifyingly absent on a lot of it. i cannot believe the way in which both the "washington post" and "the new york times" cover the latest e-mails on benghazi. on the inside of the paper, this is what journalists are supposed to do, and a lot of them are not doing it. lou: i would love to continue this conversation. i thank you for the conversation we had.
7:56 pm
brad blakeman, judith miller, monica crowley, thank you so much. up next, our viewers with some harsh words for the administration on benghazi. go into the inbox next. everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters mosto you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs,
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lou: time for some of your thoughts. eddie said that obama, biden, and shall renew in real-time about the six-hour siege of our embassy and did nothing but apologizing when the video. connie e-mailed us to say i love watching your show and watch


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